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Shipping products via air while at the same time agreeing to flying and wellbeing guidelines is more difficult than one might expect, however we understand what we’re doing. We modify an airfreight solution for you and furthermore walk you through traditions guidelines and worldwide import/send out limitations.


We provide dedicated sea freight forwarding services throughout the world and we are here, ready to help you to find the right solution, customized to meet your unique requirements. We cover almost every port in the world, and our sea freight forwarding operates in all major trades.


As one of the leading transport and logistics companies, Lyft Logistics is your competent provider of value-added services in the field of warehouse logistics and fulfillment. We offer you the complete range of services related to order handling.


Our team at Lyft Logistics takes care of all the processes and services in logistics including use-by date, batch and serial number management, picking and packing, shipment, return logistics and many tailor-made add-on services.


As a cargo / freight Logistics provider, we understand first hand the lack of shipping insurance coverage being provided by most cargo carriers and the need for full value based shipping insurance to protect your shipment. That’s why, we established our very own shipping insurance division and are offering primary shipping insurance coverage.


To ensure the complete security of your goods, even in challenging environments, our team serves as the first point of contact with both customs authorities and receiving customers. This allows us to provide re-assuring guidance and expert advice on matters relating to customs.
When it comes to moving your products across international borders, Lyft Logistics provides you with a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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